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Delicious Arabic Yellow Rice

Arabic yellow rice is a super popular side dish served all over the Middle East. My Arabic yellow rice is Palestinian inspired! There are many yellow rice variations, so please adjust spices to your liking! 

Step 1


Grind dried saffron threads in a mortar & pestle to color the yellow rice naturally. 

Step 2


Add brown rice, ground saffron, and boiling hot broth to a bowl, set aside. 

Step 3


Sauté onion with spices until fragrant. 

Step 4


Add soaked rice, broth, and soft chickpeas. 

Step 5


Bring to a boil, then simmer till rice has absorbed all broth. 

Arabic yellow rice is so easy to make! And my recipe is much healthier made with chickpeas and brown rice instead of white! Try it for yourself!