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The Best Lofthouse Cookies!

Rosemary Squires, MA, RD

Easy homemade lofthouse cookies! Make my lofthouse cookies in under 1 hour. These lofthouse cookies are made without sour cream and taste just like the famous lofthouse style cookies!

My lofthouse sugar cookie recipe is one anyone can make it's so easy!

Start by sifting the dry ingredients


Lofthouse cookies are different from sugar cookies because they use baking soda and baking powder!

Beat together the wet ingredients.


I made my lofthouse cookie recipe without sour cream and used whole milk yogurt instead! 

Mix wet into dry ingredients


Lofthouse cookie dough is pretty thick, so you might have to use your hands!

Roll lofthouse cookies


No rolling pin necessary for my lofthouse cookies! Just roll a ball and flatten between your hands.

Bake till just done!


To get the signature lofthouse cookie texture, do not overbake your cookie!

Make homemade lofthouse frosting


There are two ways to make my easy frosting and one is with all natural food dye- beet root powder!

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