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Matcha Macarons with Mango!

Rosemary Squires, MA, RD

Matcha macarons with Mango Buttercream Filling! My tasty matcha macaron recipe is made with almond flour, egg whites, sugar, and matcha powder. I used vegan butter and coconut milk to transform this matcha macaron recipe dairy free friendly!

I included a lot of tips and tricks that I learned along my journey to help you troubleshoot your matcha macaron recipe and make perfect macarons!

Begin by sifting your almond flour, powdered sugar, and matcha powder into a medium sized bowl.


Next, separate your whites from the yolks into a medium sized bowl. Start beating the egg whites until they begin to foam.


Continue beating your egg whites and sugar until just after stiff peaks form.


Fold the dry into the eggs by folding the batter and also "cutting" it in with the edge of the spatula. 


Once you have the right consistency, add batter to a piping bag and pipe.


Once the cookies have dried out, bake them for 13-16 minutes.


Make mango frosting, fill cooled matcha macarons and enjoy! Hit the link below for full instructions.