the hint of rosemary

Thick Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

"I love making thick smoothie bowls year round! They make an excellent ice cream replacement and a perfect healthy treat for moms & little ones."

Rosemary, Registered Dietitian

Smoothie bowls are as simple as your favorite fruit plus any kind of milk!

Frozen pineapple


For my pineapple smoothie bowl without banana, just use frozen pineapple and milk!

Blend on low then high


Start blender on low and work up the speed as it purees.

Keep blending!


Keep blending until your smoothie bowl is.. smooth! 

Scoop into a bowl


I love using coconut bowls for a tropical vibe.. and for some reason smoothie bowls don't melt as fast in coconut bowls! 

Smooth out the top 


Smooth the top of your smoothie bowl, pile on your favorite toppings and enjoy!

For this smoothie bowl and dozens like it, go to the hint of rosemary! Tasty healthy  treats made by a registered dietitian.