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Delicious Arabic Chopped Salad

I learned my Arabic chopped salad (salatah!) from my Jordanian mother in law. It is perfect with maqluba, kabsa, and more! We make this salad all the time. It is easy, healthy, and delicious!

Let’s get started!

Chopped cucumber


Finely chop all vegetables for this salad for a unique salad with an amazing flavor! 

Chopped tomatoes


Use ripe juicy vine tomatoes in your Arabic salad for the best vibrant flavor! 

Red peppers


Use any kind of pepper! We use red bell for a sweeter flavor. 

Sliced green onion


Or use red onion, or sweet onion! 

Finely chopped radish


Red radishes compliment the sweet flavor of the peppers and tomatoes.

Chopped parsley


Fresh parsley is a must in Arabic salad! 

Toss with lemon 


Finally, toss with fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper. Enjoy!!