the hint of rosemary

Healthy No Bake Cookie Dough Bars

Chocolate chip cookie dough bars are made with all healthy ingredients like cashews and peanut butter. They are sweetened naturally with just dates!

Let’s get started!

Most cookie dough bars have a lot of junk in them. Mine are made with all natural ingredients you can feel good about! 

Rosemary, Registered Dietitian

Use raw cashews


For a dough like texture, I find that raw cashews work much better than almond flour! 

Pitted dates


Soften pitted dates before blending so they can blend into cookie dough evenly

Just 6 simple ingredients


I used vanilla bean, but 1 teaspoon vanilla extract can be used instead! 

Add all ingredients to your food processor


Food process till a dough forms


Stir in dark mini chocolate chips- these are a must in any cookie dough recipe! 

Spread into a loaf pan


Line it with parchment paper to make cookie dough easier to remove after freezing! 

Pour melted chocolate over the top


Freeze to give it a nice chewy cookie dough texture 

Thaw 15 minutes then cut into squares


Hope you enjoy! ~Rosemary