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Easy Almond Flour Pie Crust!

Rosemary Squires, MA, RD

Easy healthy almond flour pie crust is a great healthy Thanksgiving dessert recipe to add to your table this year! 

Almond flour pie crust is great for sweet and savory pies alike! 

Cut butter into almond flour


Make sure to use cold butter in your almond flour crust.

Add egg


Using an egg in your almond flour pie crust will help this fragile pie crust stay together.

Form into a ball and roll flat


Mix your dough together then roll it flat between parchment paper. 

Form into a ball and roll flat


Parchment paper helps so much to keep your almond flour pie crust together without any flour at all!

Press into pie dish


Your almond flour pie crust will looked cracked! That is okay just press it into your pie dish. 

Bake pie crust or fill then bake. 


For pudding pies, bake your almond flour crust first. Use it unbaked for pumpkin and apple pies. 

Try my healthy chocolate pie filling to go inside your almond flour crust!

Or my healthy pumpkin pie filling !