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The Best Grinch Brownies!

Rosemary Squires, MA, RD

Green velvet brownies! Easy grinch brownies done in under 1 hour in 1 bowl! My grinch brownies are made from a red velvet brownie recipe, so if you want red velvet Christmas brownies instead just use red food dye!

Green grinch brownies make the most fun Christmas dessert!

Start by whipping together the butter and sugar


Add an egg and an egg yolk for an ultra rich grinch brownie.


Next add in green food dye for a vibrant green grinch brownie!


Fold in flour and cacao powder. If you want red velvet Christmas brownies simply use red dye!


Fold in white chocolate chips, bake and make your frosting!


I topped my grinch brownies with a delicious easy cream cheese frosting!


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