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Easy Healthy Blueberry Smoothie!

Rosemary Squires, MA, RD

Easy blueberry smoothie with yogurt! I made a delicious blueberry smoothie recipe with just yogurt, frozen blueberries, hemp seeds and coconut water. This blueberry smoothie is made without banana and is still super sweet and delicious!

Smoothies make the most perfect breakfast to drink on the go, or a healthy snack when you need to get more fruits & vegetables in your day.

Add all ingredients to your blender

To make this easy blueberry smoothie you just need 4 simple ingredients.

Blend until completely smooth.

Any blender will work to make this easy healthy blueberry smoothie with yogurt!

Pour and enjoy!

This delicious blueberry smoothie is excellent for weight loss, gut health, and skin health!

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