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How to Freeze Bananas!

Want a super easy way to freeze ripe bananas for smoothies, smoothie bowls, banana bread and more? Bananas are so easy to freeze without the peel so you'll have your freezer stocked and ready to go!

Ever buy a bunch of bananas and turn around and they're ripe overnight? Use my method to preserve them!

Method  1- peel slice and freeze. This is a great way to freeze bananas for smoothies!

Method 2- peel and break bananas in half. This way is super quick!

Or, freeze peeled bananas whole! Any way you choose, your bananas will not go brown!

You can even use your banana peels as plant fertilizer or bake them for banana mulch!

Use your frozen bananas for one of my delicious smoothie bowl recipes!

Smoothie bowls are quick, easy and packed with nutrition! And they taste like sorbet!