Healthy Mango Pineapple Smoothie! 

Rosemary Squires, MA, RD

Delicious mango pineapple smoothie just got better with chia pudding on the bottom! I have been making smoothies with chia pudding for years and they are always so satisfying and make me feel so good.

Mango pineapple smoothies are excellent for weight loss, gut health and skin health. Plus it is so easy to make! 

Start by making the base of golden milk chia seed pudding. Chia pudding mixed with a smoothie is so much more filling!

Stir your chia pudding several times to get smooth chia pudding and not lumpy.

In your blender, add frozen mango frozen pineapple and milk.

Use any kind of milk that you would like in your pineapple mango smoothie recipe.

Blend the delicious mango and pineapple smoothie until there is no frozen fruit chunks left.

Pile the thick mango pineapple smoothie on top of your chia pudding and enjoy!

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