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Dirty Iced Matcha Latte

The dirty matcha latte also called a Matcha Espresso Fusion!  Layered matcha, milk, and espresso over ice. It is a gorgeous latte that tastes incredible!

Matcha fused with espresso? Ask for "dirty matcha" at a local café, and you'll get espresso on top of matcha green tea!

Fill your glass with ice


For a gorgeous layered matcha with espresso, fill glass completely with ice so the layers stay in place!

Matcha with sweetener


Whisk your matcha into your sweetener completely for non lumpy matcha green tea in your dirty matcha latte.

The milk layer


This layer takes a double layered matcha to a triple layered matcha drink! And it makes the colors of espresso and matcha really pop!

Top with fresh espresso!


Pour fresh espresso on top and enjoy a gorgeous delicious dirty matcha latte! 

The dirty matcha latte, try it for yourself! 

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