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Vegan Coffee Drink Recipes!

Learn how to make vegan lattes at home! Dairy free and vegan friendly coffee shop drinks are so easy to make at home. You just need a few simple ingredients like plant based milks and sweeteners.

Let’s make the best vegan coffee ever!

It's so easy to make vegan coffee tasty right at home! No fancy equipment necessary.

Iced brown sugar soy milk shaken espresso


This is my favorite vegan iced latte recipe! A fun twist on the oat milk latte.

Vegan brown sugar cookie cold foam


A creamy delicious vegan cold foam for your cold brew!

Iced maple latte


This is the easiest vegan latte ever! Plant milk, maple syrup, espresso that's it!

Dirty iced matcha latte


Gorgeous layers of matcha, milk, and espresso for a unique vegan coffee drink.

Pink velvet macchiato 


Natural pink vegan milk topped with 2 shots of fresh espresso, what could be better!

Blue milk iced latte


Cool blue galaxy latte to make any ones day special!

Vanilla almond milk creamer!


Last but not least, the only vegan coffee creamer recipe you need!