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Healthy Fall Breakfast Recipes!

Looking for healthy fall breakfast recipe ideas? Look no further! My fall breakfast recipes are made with healthy ingredients and are excellent for weight loss.

Browse fall recipes made with pumpkin or apple!

Pumpkin smoothie!

First is my delicious and easy to make healthy pumpkin smoothie.

Pumpkin cream cold brew!

Try the new pumpkin cream cold brew recipe at home! It is made with healthier ingredients. 

Pumpkin overnight oats!

Delicious pumpkin oats are perfect for fall meal prep!

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls!

I made my pumpkin cinnamon buns with healthier ingredient swaps like whole wheat flour and pure maple syrup.

Healthy almond flour pumpkin muffins

Another great fall meal prep that are an excellent snack to have for toddlers!

Pumpkin steel cut oats

A great instant pot fall recipe you can make ahead for breakfast all week long! Plus the house will smell amazing

Almond milk pumpkin spice creamer

Why buy store bought creamer when you can make easy almond milk creamer at home!

Pumpkin spice waffles!

Crispy on the outside fluffy on the inside these pumpkin waffles are perfect for fall and you'll sneak in an extra veggie for picky eaters.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffins

Here's a great snack to prep with al your apples from apple picking, healthy and delicious! 

Sugar free crockpot apple butter

Another fall recipe that's easy to make and will make your house smell incredibly good!

Instant pot apple sauce

Easy to make instant pot apple sauce is healthy and made with no added sugar at all!

Apple pie overnight oats!

Last but not least, apple pie overnight oatmeal is another great fall breakfast prep for busy moms!